The Canadian Tribute to Human Rights

Spirit and Objectives

The intent of the Canadian Tribute to Human Rights is to mark through an inspiring art form the struggles and continuing efforts of the people of Canada, and of all nations and peoples, to obtain and preserve fundamental human rights. These rights have been defined and accepted in such landmark documents as the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

The Tribute celebrates the basic importance of human rights in society and the vital strength that they bring to society’s structures. The Tribute demonstrates our respect for the dignity of each person and of each community, the cherishing of all differences within a framework of mutually respected rights, and the bonds that unite us in human solidarity.

The Tribute allows for and encourages expression of human rights concerns by individuals and groups in the Ottawa community and from all parts of Canada. In drawing many to hold vigils, to simply reflect or to commemorate important events, it has increasingly become a rallying point, popularly known as the “Human Rights Monument”. Moreover, it is an important stop for visitors to Canada’s Capital.

The Canadian Tribute to Human Rights is dedicated to promoting awareness of fundamental human rights without espousing any particular political position. In Canada, it provides the first symbolic focus on human rights and calls for respect of both individuals and minority groups.

Materials of the Canadian Tribute to Human Rights in archives

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