The Canadian Tribute to Human Rights

History and Commitment

People Make the Difference

Organizations large and small and all levels of government have supported the Canadian Tribute to Human Rights, but ordinary people and their enthusiasm have been its sustaining force. The Board of Directors emphasized the community-based, people’s nature of the project by orienting the unveiling ceremony in 1990 to public participation.

The presence of international guests who have dedicated their lives to the peaceful pursuit of human rights underscores the universality of these values and the need to make their protection our common cause.

The rights of the aboriginal peoples of Canada are at the forefront today of efforts for equality, dignity and justice. The unveiling ceremony includes aboriginal participants and rituals in awareness of and solidarity with their ongoing struggles. Representatives of other actions for human rights in Canada join our platform guests.

Lech Walesa speech given at the monument in his 1989 visit to the unfinished Canadian Tribute to Human Rights Monument (MP3)

The following images are of visiting dignitaries and various news clippings.

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