The Canadian Tribute to Human Rights

Other Rallies and Events

Rallies, vigils and protests at the Canadian Tribute to Human Rights have been held since the unveiling of the monument in 1990 and have been increasing in frequency in recent years. Organizations and groups wishing to hold an event at the monument are free to do so, but are required to advise the City of Ottawa on whose property the monument is located. The City in turn will advise the CTHR Board, the police, the traffic authorities and any others at their discretion.

A sample of events appears below:
David Kay, a champion rower, pedaled across Canada to raise money and awareness of Tibet and their current struggles with China. These pictures were taken on July 28, 2008 by photographer Wayne Cuddington of the Ottawa Citizen. View pictures.

Landscape Dancing, Summer, 2008. The choreography is by Stephanie Ballard and the dancers are from the School of Contemporary Dance in Winnipeg. View pictures.

Candle Light Vigil in solidarity with Palestinians in Israeli Occupied territory, January 26, 2008, organized by CAPCA (Coalition of Arab Canadian Professionals and Community Associations). View pictures.

Human Rights Day, December 10, 2007. Commemoration organized by Board of Directors of the Canadian Tribute to Human Rights. View pictures.

Demonstration against the Security Certificate legislation, October 20, 2007, organized by various groups. View pictures.

Silent Vigil for Peace in the Middle East, July 12, 2006, organized by Jewish and Arab Women for Peace in the Middle East. View pictures.

Mayor of the City of  Ottawa and leaders of Christian, Jewish, Muslim and Hindu faiths gather at the Monument, after September 11, 2001 attacks. View pictures.

Protest Against Human Rights Violations in Burma. View pictures.

Protest Against Poverty. View pictures.

Protest Against Landmines, Dec. 2, 1998. View pictures.

Ottawa supports Iranians. View pictures.

Winter Olympics 2010 Torch relay. View pictures.

Light for Rights launch for Canadian HIV/AIDS Awareness Week, November 24, 2010. View pictures.

Marilyn Waring says Thank You Canada at the Human Rights Monument, April 2009. View pictures.

Overdose Awareness Day. View pictures.

Protest Against Bill C484, Abortion Bill, 2008. View pictures.

Demonstration on November 15, 2008 organized by Charles Cooper (DJ ReddBear). View Photos.

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