The Canadian Tribute to Human Rights

Human Rights and You

The Canadian Tribute to Human Rights stands as a bold reminder of universal human rights issues which touch all of us.

In terms of our own heritage, it speaks, among other things, of the coexistence of peoples, and challenges us to remember that until all rights are respected, none are secure.

The Tribute, popularly known as the Human Rights Monument, has become a place where people come individually, as members of small groups, or as participants in large public events. They come to express their beliefs in issues that matter to them, to celebrate an occasion, or simply to pause and reflect.
The Board of the CTHR welcomes information about events held at the Monument.

Volunteer Board of Directors (May 2015)
Richard Rutherford, President
Hania Fedorowicz, George Wilkes, (Founding Members),
Sarah Evans, Joan Gullen, Teena Hendelman, Oni Ingrid Joseph

Presidents of the CTHR Coporation since June 8, 1984

Members of the Board of Directors since June 8, 1984

This website was created by the board of directors in cooperation with the webmaster, James Elrick, who contributed significant work on a volunteer basis.

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